Sunday, 8 June 2008

What the Caked Crusader chose to bake to this week (7 June 2008)

In some circles admitting that you like Michael Buble will go down about as well as stating that you spend your spare time torturing kittens. For reasons unknown he’s a singer that many people (particularly music journalists) criticise without really ever listening to.

Personally, I have nothing against someone wanting to sing the best songs ever written and trying to perform them with some style – ok, it’s a well trodden path however there’s always room at the top. But Michael (hey, I’ve supported him from the start – I feel we’re on first name terms) is more than that and his recent albums have started to showcase his increasingly impressive songwriting talent. Oddly, while he gets better and better at recording new material I find his cover versions are getting weaker.

I’ve seen him in concert twice and both times have been tremendously enjoyable experiences – his banter between the songs and involvement of the crowd elevates it above a standard concert where the singer manages an occasional ‘thank you’ between songs. What sticks in my memory though, is his performance of “My Funny Valentine” particularly the bit when he steps away from the mic, walks to the front of the stage and sings to the crowd – just his voice projecting across the auditorium. Now that’s talent, and when you consider just how big the Royal Albert Hall is you’ll realise the boy must have something!

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