Sunday, 9 March 2008

More lemon squeezer details....

Having had a request for more details about my lemon squeezer I have had a look at the packaging label it came with. Unfortunately details are sketchy.

The label says it is made by “AMCO Houseworks”, Vernon Hills IL 60061-1547 and is model number 8645. No website or contact details are provided.

However, having googled “Amco houseworks lemon squeezer” quite a few hits came up. This US based web retailer sells them, and for the UK, the best option seems to be Amazon.

Happy squeezing everyone!


Anonymous said...


Have no clue where you live, but that lemon squeezer thingy is something most Mexican households have laying around. Growing up, I only ever saw those in Mexico and we used to have to buy one there to bring home. Sooo if your readers can't find one of these gadgets in their fancy kitchen stores..go to your neighborhood Mexican grocery or Latin American quarter and they should find the real deal there.


Tanya said...

Oh my god I can't believe it - we demonstrate these at our cookery parties! Its our favourite lemon squeezer and is also fab for limes too! We originally got them because an american customer wanted us to try and find them for her, we did and have never looked back! They are £8.99 from (hope you don't mind the plug CC)
Tanya x