Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Iron Cupcake London Challenge V: Booze!

Wow! I don't know how it happens but the entries just get better and better! Our new venue was fab and the bakers and eaters were fabber (yes, I have invented a word!)

Full update to follow with glorious photos...when I tell you that our winning cupcake was a "Grown up Jaffa cake" you'll be interested....when I tell you that it was also vegan-friendly you'll be intrigued! Better come back and read the full write up then! (I'm such a tease)

Thanks to everyone for making it such a lovely night, especially all the great staff at The Cuban and my crack team of Paul, Jasmin and Dave.


Joy said...

Hooray! Congratulations! So looking forward to the post!

the princess said...

yes, i am interested to see the entries!