Sunday, 10 May 2009

Cool stuff

Most people reading this site will have a passing interest in baked goods and baking. You will therefore know the joy of seeing lovely baking stuff for sale. I’m sure you will agree, that it is all the more wonderful when you come across original, interesting baking products in the most unexpected of environments.

Take yesterday for example; there I was, wandering around the British Museum generally exuding an air of studiousness and intelligence (hmmmm) when I spotted these:

Egyptian themed biscuit cutters! Instantly I knew these cutters satisfied a need that, until that moment, I didn’t know I had. How have I lived so long without being able to make mummy or Ankh or Egyptian cat-shaped biscuits?

A further highlight was found at a really cool shop called Artbox. Along with a couple of Hello Kitty cake themed items, I had to purchase this cushion especially as I am a fan of Japanese English – note the ingredients in the top right listed as “butter or margaries”:

Special mention and thanks must go to the CCBF (Caked Crusader’s Boyfriend) who didn’t object to entering the packed shop where he was the only male present and then manfully carried a rather dinky shopping basket that I rapidly filled with pink, girly merchandise!


Holler said...

I love that cushion, it is fab!

April said...

that is amazing!

April xx

Maria♥ said...

Love the cushion!


Cakelaw said...

I am lovin' those cookie cutters. And CCBF is a true gent :)

Lisa said...

How sweet of CCBF!

And it amuses me greatly that the chocolate cake on the cushion looks as if it has a fried egg on top.

Way jealous. :)