Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Gingerbread men and dogs

Although called CakeFest, it’s always nice to have a biscuit option too. I first made these gingerbread men at Christmas and the recipe can be found here.

This time I also made little dogs. We all agreed that they looked like Santa’s Little Helper from the Simpsons – I think it’s the eyes!


Sara said...

So cute! I especially love the dogs :)

Angelina AL-Solomon said...

i really like it

Sophie said...

Your mini dogs are looking so cute!!! I won't mind eating them!!

Anne said...

I very much likey the word cakefest, sounds so gloriously indulgent!!

Everything looks delish :)

Dee said...

I love the doggy cookies! Cakefest is such a fun idea. Maybe I'll start a Chocfest :)