Sunday, 22 February 2009

CakeFest III

I view CakeFest as a non-religious Easter i.e. a movable feast. Previous CakeFests have been a little more planned, this one had a “hey, why don’t we do a CakeFest this weekend?” feel to it.

To summarise: CakeFest is a weekend long celebration of baking and cake, culminating in a tea party on Sunday. It has few rules but one is that nothing must be eaten on Sunday other than cake (cream and jam is acceptable as long as attached to cake when eaten).

My nephew and trusty sidekick, The Boy Wonder, added his baking skills to mine and much fabulous cake was produced. The order of play for CakeFest III was as follows:

Peach cheesecake – click here for recipe

Fruit tarts – click here for recipe

Double chocolate cupcakes – click here for recipe

Butter cake – click here for recipe

Gingerbread men – click here for recipe

Sour cream cinnamon cake – click here for recipe


trasha said...

CakeFest is like Glastonbury isn't it?

In these early years it is just you and the boy wonder and before you know where you are there will be helicopters over the back garden, a-list celebrities schlepping through the mud of the borders destroying the perennials and people paying hundreds of pounds just to be able to say they were there! OMIGOD you are going corporate!

April said...

please can I come to Cakefest?

I'll bring a contribution ;-)

April xx

The Sugar Fairy said...

Love the CakeFest idea. Don't know if my healthy living husband would agree but i'd love to do a CakeFest Australia. Would you mind very much?

The Caked Crusader said...

Hi Sugar Fairy

Of course you can do a CakeFest - everybody should do a CakeFest. It is at the very heart of what my Commandment number 10 was aiming for!

Margaret said...

Cake partying all day and night!!!
I could do that - no problem.
As usual everything looks wonderful.

Rhiannon said...

that is the best idea I have ever seen


one question... could you incorporate some kind of savoury baked foods (cheesey bread and the like) to prevent sugar overload? or is that totally not the point of cakefest?


pigpigscorner said...

Cakefest sounds awesome! I wish I can attend one too!

The Caked Crusader said...

Hi Rhiannon

My gut instinct is to ban savoury goods but, as I am a lenient tolerant sort of cove, how about we compromise? If savoury goods are present it must be called Cake&OtherBakesFest

jen said...

I think I could find at least a *few* people to agree to partake in an Irish CakeFest ;-)

katepang said...

Love the gingerbread dogs! I'm in the Aberdeen University Geography Cake Club - can we copy Cakefest? We raise money for charity...

Mike of Mike's Table said...

First, I read "nothing must be eaten on Sunday" and thought oh no, awful holiday. Then I read "other than cake" and saw the amazing spread. Move to Florida--lol, I want all of that!

The Cooking Ninja said...

wow those are gorgeous! Delicious cakes :)

Katie said...

Wow what a yummy and enjoyable day that must ahve been - sampling all those goodies. The cheesecake looks so tall and light, the gingerbread men so cute and I'm longing for the recipe for the sour cream cinnamon cake - YUM!!

Snooky doodle said...

wow how many delicious tings to eat :) I especially love the tarts yummy

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

I love this array of the delicous sugar works laid on the table in different forms..where should i's good to be back and treated with such nice visual show..well done !