Tuesday, 19 August 2008


This week’s winner of a CAFTA (Cake’s Achievement in Film and Television Arts) award was nominated by Courtney who runs the (always entertaining) blog Coco Cooks. Thanks Courtney for taking the time to provide so much information!

The award is for “Cake that is so beautiful it is art” and goes to all the stunning Ladurée creations in Marie Antionette. It’s all there – dainty pastries, meringues, cakes and macarons and each in the most exquisite pastel shades. Incidentally, Ladurée invented the double decker macaron (i.e. two macarons sandwiched with buttercream) and still sells 15,000 per day!

In this photo Marie Antoinette is surrounded by the loveliest, girliest looking cakes I’ve seen in a while. I think I’d have a slice of the one nearest the camera, for starters...followed by the two tier lovely on the tall stand in the background.

I love the way the macarons are stacked on their sides – see them, on the right of the photo?

If you wish to see the cake in the flesh (so to speak) and – as any good cake should – being eaten, then this clip will fulfil your wishes:

I think historians have agreed now that Marie Antoinette never actually uttered “let them eat cake” but I’m not listening - sometimes advice is just too good to ignore!

Please email me (with photos) your CAFTA nominations.


Glass Slipper Cakery said...

I love those cakes!! I recently saw the movie and thought they looked divine!! BTW: Great blog! I love it!!

glamah16 said...

Happy to help The Caked Crusader. Anytime.

quinn said...

What the heck is the maid doing in that top photo? It looks like a curling iron. Is that how they got those curly-toed shoes? :)

Katie said...

Mmmmmmm macarons! I have a massive collection of cake stands beause I have a total fetish about nicely presented cakes! That display is ace!

Cakelaw said...

I loved this movie - partly because of all the gorgeous pastel cakes!

Swati said...

The cakes really look awesome.. girly as you said...macarons are yummy..

Anonymous said...

Wow, those look good. How in the world did those people stay slim with all those goodies around them?