Sunday, 13 April 2008

What the Caked Crusader chose to bake to this week (12 April 2008)

For the first time since...well, actually it was so long a go I can’t remember...I have bought a newly released album by a band! I seem to have lost touch with ‘new’ music as I find so little of it grabs my attention but The Feeling have bucked the trend. Their music is the kind of good old-fashioned pop I feared had gone forever and has that joyous quality to it that great music has – I defy anyone to listen to songs such as “Fill my little world” or “Love it when you call” and not tap their foot.

Thoroughly British in their sound and lyrics (what other country could a band hail from who call a love song “Kettle’s On” – the main chorus line being “come home, the kettle’s on”) they also do inventive covers of classic pop songs such as “Video killed the radio star”.

Both their albums are fantastic (I should be on commission the hard selling I’m doing here!). I came to their debut “Twelve stops and home” a couple of years after its release and by then, I felt I knew all the songs as they were the most played band on British radio in 2006. Love the line on Amazon that they sound like Squeeze would have if they sang about puppies! Once you’ve listened to the first album you’ll definitely want the follow up “Join with us” just make sure you get the 2 CD special edition as it has some wonderful covers and different versions of the hits – it’s worth the extra £4 purely for the chorale version of “Love it when you call”.

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