Sunday, 30 December 2007

One of your ‘five a day’

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we all should eat more fruit and vegetables – no less than five individual portions each day. And how better to get one of your ‘five a day’ than to smother the item in thick chocolate? This is a handy little trick to have up your sleeve and the ratio of applause to effort is most pleasing i.e it’s dead easy to make and is greeted with delight.

There are only two ingredients: nice plump strawberries and good quality chocolate. I used milk chocolate as my nephew doesn’t like plain; I think plain would actually give a better contrast of bitter against the sweet strawberries but no one complained!

I also wanted to show off my mini cupcake stand. These are easily obtained from US sellers, I find KitchenKrafts particularly good but actually purchased mine through a UK seller on Ebay.

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glamah16 said...

Guess what I found in a newsatand in Chicago? Olive Magazine! Its so great to see the article.