Saturday, 17 November 2007

What the Caked Crusader chose to bake to this week (17 Nov 2007)

OK, this may be controversial but I'm going to come out and say it: I don't like The Beatles. Phew, what a relief to finally get that off my chest. I admit that I wasn't around during the 1960s so may have missed out on what all the fuss was about, but I don't like their songs - somehow they just make me cringe; I'm not sure why.

For me, the true talent from that era is The Kinks. They represent everything good about pop music - punchy lyrics, great riffs, memorable tunes and a sense of humour. As soon as the opening guitar riff of "You really got me" bursts out from the speakers you know something special is happening. But it's not all thumping guitars (All Day and All of the Night, Till the End of the Day) - there's the sweet melodies (Sunny Afternoon, Waterloo Sunset), the gentle, almost whimsical, nostalgia (Days, Autumn Almanac, Wonderboy) and then the downright mischievous (Lola, Plastic Man, Dedicated Follower of Fashion).

And if you can wonder around Waterloo without humming that opening riff then you're a stronger willed person than I am......


Penny said...

"You really got me going".

I don't think its controversial at all. My secret fear is that when I get to be an old fogey, the nursing home staff and volunteers will keep playing music by the Beatles.

Holler said...

lazing on a Summer's afternoon, is the phrase singing around my head! i love the Kinks! i can listen to the beatles quite happily though!