Sunday, 11 November 2007

Ode to some biscuits

Following on from a comment by Mr Strongbow on the site, here is another poem by my colleague Alan. His ruminations on biscuits coupled with the discovery that he had a fan, led to his latest masterpiece: Ode to some biscuits.

'Twas the fifth of October, 2007 I do not doubt
When the Poet's thoughts were turned to biscuits without a doubt
For some tasty snacks I wanted to eat without delay
And none could me this gainsay

The loveliest is of course the custard cream

With its tasty biscuit layers most lovely to be seen
And the custard filling nice to eat
Whilst eating with a cup of tea is quite a treat

But lest we forget the jammy dodger is also fine indeed

With its jam and shortbread that to eat we all need
And of course the chocolate chip cookie the bringer of glee
Which is found a-plenty in the stores of Dundee

For antipodean snacks the Anzac bisuit cannot be beaten

And by the citizens of Australia and New Zealand it is often eaten
And the bourbon is a fine bisuit I can see
But let it not be confused with the demon drink despised by Mr Murphy and the Blue Ribbon Army

The Garibaldi is a biscuit of historic interest
And was eaten by that Italian patriot I must confess
The fig roll is a healthy choice I must say
And the health conscious consumer will eat many without dismay

So in conclusion and without a doubt

No one should of biscuits be without
And the better we our biscuit tins do fill
The lesser chance we have of being ill


Lance Strongbow said...

This is great stuff - I like the historical references, and the way he rhymes doubt with doubt. Where does he get his inspiration from?

The Caked Crusader said...

Alan gets his inspiration from the subjects he writes about. Other than that I think it's whatever catches his eye in the news.

I think he's starting to plan what will be his epic work: 21 Bahamian Restaurants, but a piece of this magnitude may well take a while to create. So it won't be ready for a day or two.