Monday, 17 September 2007

The Caked Crusader bought this

I am a member of a group within society that is routinely subjected to discrimination: British home bakers. When I look on US websites at the huge range of available baking equipment, I feel like the proverbial child with my nose up against the sweet shop window. Why are there no UK based sellers of these products? Some lovely US sellers (hurrah), but not all (boo, hiss), will ship to the UK; however the postage can double the cost of the item as good cake tins are weighty. While I am willing to pay this I resent it – as my good friend Soo has so eloquently stated: Postage costs are a tax on the needy. (NB. Soo is, clearly, a wise woman; she is also the most talented knitter I have ever come across. I don't knit - the patterns scare me what with all those tiny boxes containing symbols - but can recognise incredible skill when I see it.)

Take this item:

It’s a two tier container for transporting cupcakes/muffins.

I had to order this from a retailer in the US.
Is this because it wouldn’t sell in the UK? I doubt it.

This is a plea to UK retailers to widen their ranges and save me from spending the equivalent of a small African nation’s GDP on international postage costs. Phew, now that rant is out of my system I feel better!


Jen said...

Oh my goodness - I've got to get one of those! Maybe if we all petitioned Lakeland Plastics, they'd stock some in the UK. Apparently they like to hear about these sorts of things and respond well to pestering, er, polite requests. Also love the apple cupcakes - I feel another late night baking session coming on...

glamah16 said...

Hello. I saw your a new member of Daring Bakers, as am I. Yesterday I was in my my favorite cakesupply shop ( in Chicago), and a item I needed ( a larger cake leveler)was sold to a British lady. I told the owner thats weird, I'd think they would have all types of great stuff there.I love a surgarcraft magazines out of the UK. Your recent post shows that there is a shortage of the fun stuff in baking. Maybe you could start your own mailorder or something. I plan to move to Sweden in a few years and I hope I dont have problems with supplies. Thank goodness for internet and visiting friends.