Sunday, 2 May 2010

70th birthday cake – for twins!

I have mentioned before that the CCD & Nunks (my uncle) are twins.
For some reason, everyone pictures twins as children but if my first photo wasn’t clue enough as to their milestone here’s another one:

And for those of you still not sure.....

You may recall
back in January
how delighted I was when the lovely ladies at gave me wonderful cake tins to make this celebration cake.

Both the CCD and Nunks like their cakes unfussy and traditional so it had to be a classic Victoria sponge (for recipe click here)....

....and my pineapple fruit cake (for recipe click
here) which has rapidly become the CCD’s favourite fruitcake!

It was a lovely day – we started out with lunch at
The Wolseley where we were kindly given free champagne to help our celebration and then made the journey over the road to The Ritz for an afternoon of cocktails. It’s a tough life!

Happy birthday to CCD and Nunks as you begin your 8th decade!


Choclette said...

Wonderful cakes and sounds like you all had fun.

C said...

They look great - such a nice idea to bake in number shaped tins and it's reminded me about that lovely looking pineapple fruit cake again.

Happy birthday to the CCD and his brother!

Margaret said...

Oh that all looks wonderful. You did them proud with the cakes CC.
Have had breakfast and afternoon tea at the Wolseley (but not lunch). Cocktails at the Ritz sounds lovely too.

Maria♥ said...

Those cakes look lovely, I bet they were well chuffed!


Patty O. said...

Wow, was it hard to put a filling in the sponge? That seems like it would be difficult to cut a shaped cake like that without breakage.

They look delicious!

The Caked Crusader said...

Hi Patty

Not difficult at all - I use a cake wire to cut the cake and keep it level and then, just carefully lifted the top off