Wednesday, 3 September 2008


This week’s winner of a CAFTA (Cake’s Achievement in Film and Television Arts) award was, again, nominated by Courtney who writes the lovely Coco Cooks. Thanks Courtney ...and as for the rest of you, I’m starting to think you’re just not trying....!

The award is for “Animal Cake” and goes to the Armadillo cake in Steel Magnolias. Particularly nice touch is that the cake is a red velvet so it looks like the armadillo’s guts. Actually, I’m not sure that makes it more appealing...

Here is the cake:

For those of you (i.e. me) not familiar with Groom’s cakes this should tell you all you need to know:
A groom's cake is a wedding tradition typically associated with the American South. While a wedding cake may often be decorated in white and light in texture and/or colour, the groom's cake can take a variety of forms, many incorporating chocolate or fruit. Cheesecake sometimes serves as a groom's cake. The decoration of the cake may reflect the favourite hobby or interest of a groom, or be used for humorous effect, as depicted in the film adaptation of Steel Magnolias, in which a red velvet cake was fashioned in the shape of an armadillo. The groom's cake is often served at a separate table from the wedding cake at a wedding reception, though it may be served as a dessert for a rehearsal dinner.

The cake is being sliced and served:

Then, Drum (the man) asks Ouiser (the lady): Can we call a truce long enough for me to get a piece of cake?

This is the piece she slices him:

Just to clarify which part of the anatomy he gets:

He studies it on the plate before observing: Thanks, nothing like a good piece of ass!

Here’s the scene in full:

Please email me (with photos) your CAFTA nominations.


trashalou said...

So manuy things to love about that movie. And now appreciation for the armadillo cake, now that I understand the whole red velvet thing - for years I did not 'get' blood red cake.

glamah16 said...

Glad you got to see the movie. I am tepmted to make such a cake now. Off to sleuth some more for you.

Life for Beginners said...

I loved that movie, and that scene particularly! So glad someone brought it up again, such a gem! Shirley Maclaine can deliver lines that dry like no one else. :)

Cakelaw said...

I love the movie, but have always found this cake rather gruesome.

Rosie said...

Lovely movie but I'm with cakelaw on the cake.

Rosie x

Dee said...

I never knew that about Groom's cakes. The cake would perfect for Halloween :)