Saturday, 2 February 2008

I’ve been tagged!

Luckily it didn’t hurt. I was tagged by Glamah who writes her lovely blog in the Windy City itself – Chicago.

As I understand it, it is now my duty to provide 5 facts about myself and then tag five other people. They post 5 facts (about themselves) on their blog and link back to me, then pick 5 other people to tag. I suppose eventually every blog in the world will be linked through the game.

Fact 1 – My home currently contains not one, but two David Tennant calendars (different pictures, couldn't decide, one in the kitchen, one in the spare bedroom, hurrah!).
Fact 2 – One night last week I dreamed that my nephew’s toy seal (who’s called Gottron) started hanging out with rock stars and got a tattoo.
Fact 3 – I am a frustrated creative at heart and have written two novels (unpublished – grrrrrrrr)
Fact 4 – The most famous person I have ever met is Kevin Spacey. I was not at my eloquent best.
Fact 5 – I actually quite enjoy washing up. Consequently I use my dishwasher as a storage cupboard for cake tins.

Phew, now that’s done who shall I tag....?

Soo -
Ling -
Clarice –
Anamika –
Fiona –

Over to you, ladies!


glamah16 said...

Great , Oh and you have to tell them they have tagged in the comment section of their posts. Good idea to store cake tines in teh dishwasher!

Holler said...

What are you like! I love David Tennant, but I couldn't do without my dishwasher!
I have another challenge for you! Lisa & I, have started a monthly salad and soup challenge called No Croutons Required. Go on, have a go, you could make a lovely crusty bread to go with it!

Anonymous said...

I like to do the wash up stuff too. For some reasons it's like meditation. Clears your head. :-)

Holler said...

That is just sick Zen Chef! Don't you go encouraging that now, Cake Crusader! Yoga is a far better way to relax!

Anonymous said...

I'll find a way of thanking you sooooooooooon :-)

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Dear crusader
thanks for tagging give me a while to think and i will write..difficult question, you know ! Loved your comments.

The Caked Crusader said...

Thanks for the invite Holler, but as you know for me it's aaaaaalllll about the cake!