Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Caked Crusader goes sales shopping...

For some females, sales shopping is about frenzied buying of handbags, shoes etc that have become irresistible merely because they are cheaper than they were when you rejected them initially. The Caked Crusader rises above such futility; to the extent that sales shopping this year comprised of visiting my local department store.

My kitchen scales and me have been getting along just fine, my only complaint being that I had to crouch down a bit to read the display. However, I had to convince myself that we had grown apart because, when I saw this stunner glinting at me seductively from the shop shelf, I knew we were meant to be together!

It wasn’t the beautiful blue-lit display, it wasn’t just the shiny and curvaceous bowl, it wasn’t that it can measure grams/ounces/fluid ounces/millilitres. It wasn’t even that it was reduced by 25%. It was love.


Clarice said...

:-) I've got a similar relationship with my camera. Much better than most things...except cake of course.

Rachel said...

I have the same scales but in white - i love them! My only problem is they seem to eat through batteries - oh well :-)