Monday, 22 October 2007

What the Caked Crusader chose to bake to this week (20 Oct 2007)

Listened to Hue & Cry this week. Why they were never bigger stars is a mystery to me: good stonking pop tunes and clever, sharp lyrics.

My theory is that they fell into the trap of not understanding what made them popular. It was the “Labour of Love” type songs that made people love them yet their yearning seemed to be more to whimsy and, dare I say it, pretentiousness. And I speak as a fan. All I know is that if given the choice between barking out “Ain’t gonna work for you no more” or droning on about a “peaceful face” whilst whisking up my cake mix the decision isn’t that tough.

Perhaps I’ve been too harsh, after all masterpieces such as “stars crash down”, “she makes a sound” and “human touch” don’t happen by chance.

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